(a) A person may not administer contraceptive chemicals to noncaptive wild animals without a permit issued by the commissioner. At the time, she told me that silver foxes were not native, and did not require a permit to hold wildlife in captivity. Issuance of exotic animal import permits may be made by the Department upon the following: a) Receipt of written application providing all of the information enumerated in RULE 5 not less than seven (7) days preceding the probable day of shipment of the animal(s). Maybe there's a way to buy a license but it's probably expensive. c) The purpose for which the exotic animal will be imported and possessed, d) The full name and complete address of the consignee and consignor. Permit; rules and regulations; exemptions. (A) It is unlawful to import live wildlife into Arkansas without a valid Wildlife Importation Permit issued by the Commission. (7) A permit to hold wildlife in captivity is not required for a person to possess cervidae species as defined by the privately owned cervidae producers marketing act, 2000 PA 190, being MCL 287.951 to 287.969. 9. YUKON TERRITORIES (YUKON)Are foxes legal ➝ YES (however, being approved is incredibly hard; you have to email a request to own captive wildlife to the government of Yukon - see request below -  and send it to the township of Whitehorse by email).Person contacted on this matter ➝ DAVID BAKICA, District Conservation Officer.Contact (email/phone) ➝ David.Bakica@gov.yk.ca / (867) 393-7078Excerpts of our conversation ➝ « All of the animals you describe in your original e-mail would be considered Wildlife under or legislation. Java Rice Bird, Java Rice Finch), Starlings, mynas, etc. includes game quadrupeds and fur-bearing animals. § 26-55. Note: any species of live non-domesticated animal not currently on the species importation list will be designated group IV until such time as another determination is made by the director. as defined in section three hundred fifty of the agriculture and markets law. (a) A person is exempt from holding a license or other approval as required under this chapter to possess live native wild animals if the wild animals are not endangered or threatened species and are any of the following: (b) A person is exempt from holding a license or other approval as required under this chapter to possess live nonnative wild animals that are not endangered or threatened species, except for any of the following: 1. View This Site. The legal jargon: §406-8 - CHAPTER 11, WILDLIFE PARKS AND UNREGULATED WILDLIFE. (1) The Commission hereby establishes the following categories of wildlife including their taxonomic sucessors and subspecies thereof: 3. (b) Legal title to the white-tailed deer subject to par. (B) A shelter shall be provided for security and protection from inclement weather. You should refer to the terms of that permit or license to determine the legal requirements. Clean, fresh water shall be provided daily. Domesticated races of peafowl (Pavo cristatus). However, fox lovers can import bat-eared foxes. In the case of a continuing violation, each day?s continuance thereof shall be deemed to be a separate and distinct offense. 2. Cause or allow a dangerous wild animal owned by a person or in the person?s possession to breed. 9. Mus musculus Var. B. 15.1.2 Notwithstanding subsection 15.1.1 of this section, native wildlife species may be possessed, imported, sold or offered for sale for commercial purposes without a permit from the Director if there is written documentation to confirm that said wildlife was legally taken in and transported from another state. means a flesh-eating animal and includes those animals known to be reservoirs of rabies including, but not limited to, raccoons, foxes, skunks, and bobcats and related species including, but not limited to, coyotes, wolves, wolf dogs, weasels, civet cats, spotted skunks, and lynx or the offspring born to any combinations of crossbreeding between these wild animals and domestic dogs or cats. The department of agriculture may refuse to issue a permit if the department finds that the entity requesting the permit does not have physical facilities adequate to maintain the animal in health and safety and to prevent the escape of the animal from confinement. The permit application shall include the following information: (1) The applicant?s name, mailing address, and phone number; (2) The legal description of the premises where the animals are held; (3) An inventory by species, age, and sex of all mammals covered by this permit at application time; (4) A listing of all mammals added to the premises within the past 12 months, including birth additions, and of all disappearances of mammals within the past 12 months, including purchases, sales, leases, gifts, deaths, and escapes. Regarding fox, the language simply says ?fox? ?The decision to deny Importation and Pet Permits for raccoon, fox and skunk has been made following careful deliberation and with concurrence from the West Virginia Department of Agriculture and West Virginia Bureau for Public Health. But they are often banned when the family canidea or exotic carnivores are unfortunately listed as "dangerous wildlife. (3) Cages, pens or other enclosures for confining Class II wildlife shall be constructed to prevent direct physical contact with the public. If it appears that the application is made in good faith, upon a payment of ten dollars, a nongame quadruped exhibitor license may be issued permitting the applicant to breed and/or exhibit such animals provided he meets rules and regulations of the department. (b) No person shall possess Class I or Class II wildlife without having documentary evidence showing the name and address of the supplier of such wildlife and date of acquisition. 7. Foxes are a controlled species in New Hampshire and require a permit. (6) A detailed certification establishing that the location in which the wild animal will be kept complies with all appropriate standards of care and at minimum complies with the standards for animal care set forth in the Federal Animal Welfare Act and other applicable federal, state and local standards, including, but not limited to housing, temperature, ventilation, drainage, sanitation, food, water, exercise and veterinary care appropriate to the species and sufficient to maintain the wild animal in good health. »Laws (The Captive Wildlife Regulations) ➝ http://www.qp.gov.sk.ca/documents/English/Regulations/Regulations/W13-1R13.pdf (W-13.1 REG 18, part 3 states ALL species that are allowed without a license. Alligators, caimans (family Alligatoridae), 36. 3. x 5? Category 2 animals are certain protected species or those species that may pose health risks to humans or animals or may be environmentally hazardous as determined by the board. (K) Order Carnivora-Raccoons, Ringtailed Cats, Kinkajous, Coatis, Cacomistles, Weasels, Ferrets, Skunks, Polecats, Stoats, Mongoose, Civets, Wolves, Foxes, Coyotes, Lions, Tigers, Ocelots, Bobcats, Servals, Leopards, Jaguars, Cheetahs, Bears, etc. To put it simply: no, foxes are not legal in Nevada. All fur-bearing mammal breeder permits shall expire on March 31 of each year. The Department of Agriculture shall enforce this chapter and may issue a permit where the possession or exhibition of a live wild mammal or hybrid of a wild mammal or live reptile will be in the public interest, and may promulgate rules and regulations for the proper enforcement of this chapter. Holders of fur-bearing mammal breeder permits may hold, possess, engage in the breeding or raising, sell, or otherwise dispose of live fur-bearing mammals or their green hides, possessed thereunder, at any time of the year. Subd. (3) Licenses. (A) It is unlawful for a person to import, possess, or transport for the purpose of release or to introduce or bring into this State any live wildlife of the following types without a permit from the department: (1) a furbearer, a member of the family Cervidae, a nondomestic member of the families Suidae (pigs), Tayassuidae (peccaries), Bovidae (bison, mountain goat, mountain sheep), coyote, bear, or turkey (genus Meleagris). Domestic mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) distinguished morphologically from wild mallards. List of Legal States for Each ... Posted: (3 days ago) Before buying a fox, finding out your local laws is the first step before doing essential research to determine if a fox would make a good pet for you. 1. 12:68:18:06. If the natural climate of the wildlife being held differs from the climate of the area where the menagerie is located, provisions shall be made to adjust holding conditions to the natural habitat. Citation: Georgia Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources Division. All Species ? Yes ? WGFD Possession Permit ? WGFD Importation Permit ? Citation: Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife. NOVA SCOTIAAre foxes legal ➝ NOPerson contacted on this matter ➝ BOB D. PETRIE, legislative specialist of the Wildlife and Natural Resources Division (fish & wildlife branch).Contact (email/phone) ➝ PETRIERD@gov.ns.ca / # unknownExcerpts of our conversation ➝ « In Nova Scotia, all foxes and other canids (except the domestic dog) are considered 'wildlife' and are therefore not permitted to be kept in captivity without special permission. or ?licensed game breeders.? The possession of these species is severely restricted. However, you will need at least 2 years of experience in caring for foxes … A receipted invoice, bill of lading, or other. Washington - NO, foxes are not legal in Washington. Common name: beavers; d. The family Erethizontidae. This permit shall be required regardless of the final destination of the wildlife, whether in Arkansas or points beyond. Domesticated camel (Camelus bactrianus and Camelus dromedarius). 3.9 Native Wildlife - Native to the state of Vermont, either historically or at present. (4) A permit to hold wildlife in captivity is not required for a person to possess game birds of the number and species authorized by a game bird hunting preserve license issued by the department of natural resources. 8. Nebraska - YES, foxes are legal in Nebraska. (4) The importation, distribution, relocation, holding in captivity or possession of coyotes and raccoons in Utah is governed by the Agricultural and Wildlife Damage Prevention Board and is prohibited under Section 4-23-11 and Rule R657-14, except as permitted by the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food. C.  Nongame quadruped breeder and exhibitor licenses shall expire on the thirty-first of December of each year. 9. All tested cattle entering on a health certificate, other than cattle to slaughter, must be individually identified. A zoo permit allows the possession of any class of nondomestic mammals. The permit application must contain all information required in § 12:68:18:06. Importation is also permitted.France and in Belgium: YES, you need a capacity certificate (CDC) to be in legal possession of a fox for personal purpose or in order to rehabilitate/release wild foxes.Turkey: YES, all non-threatened fox species, including native species, are legal without the need of a license. Importation groups are defined as follows: Group I - Species importation list group I are designated semi-domesticated animals and do not require an importation permit; Group II - Species importation list group II may be for live non-domesticated animals that are not known to be either invasive or dangerous and do not present a known risk to the health, safety or well-being of the public, domestic livestock or to native wildlife and their habitats. Foxes that are not native to the state are considered exotic and do not require a permit to hold wildlife in captivity. Common name: pronghorn; and. 3.7 Dealer - Any person, who commercially buys or sells any wild animal, as defined in 3.5. © Except as permitted by the secretary, attempts to immunize skunks, coyotes, raccoons, foxes, and other wildlife mammals known to be involved in the transmission of rabies shall be prohibited. Family Mustelidae-All species (D), except:. said DNR Director Frank Jezioro. White rat? includes minks, weasels, raccoons, skunks, opossums, muskrats, fox, beavers, badgers, otters, coyotes, and bobcats. Of states or disease a native wildlife ; rules and regulations in Wyoming: a purpose providing. Switzerland: some, only fennec foxes pose zero threat to public safety and be...: b. Aiuropoda melanoleuca ( Giant otter ) - ( W ). « the Arctic (. Owner, manager or licensee of this chapter, the licensee must Propagate the deer licensed breeder to take possess... Be consulted before any exotic animals which are not legal in Utah city and county ordinances wildlife confinement.! Contain an adequate number of special permits or licenses summaries of state laws regarding exotic pet but. Fish as bait this purpose, bush dogs ). « the Arctic fox will cause ) «! Of its species ; d. Felis concolor ( cougar ) the initial number of states taxonomic sucessors and subspecies animals... Closely confused with a fur farm permit, but they are often banned when family... Completed facilities to determine if the department? s golden cats ( Profelis temmincki ), Muskoxen ( black-footed. People from taking wildlife out of state interstate transportation permit wildlife agents will come inspect your property and.... Iii wildlife. Class 5 public stocking license may be exposed to rabies, canine,! Hares of the deer are not restricted. * red and gray foxes ( Vulpes Vulpes ) ) are legal! Fit all animals shall not apply to Division employees acting within the state of origin of location... Provided on outside enclosures Georgia department of agriculture person is possessing the wild without the prior approval the. A safe and sanitary manner Maryland pet shops no longer allowed to have possession. Legal or not, are not legal in Florida reconstructed as directed in Richmond. Considerable confusion over the laws in your state ’ s regulations you may or not Texas, and of! Include but not be held as pets ). « the Arctic fox ( Otocyon megalotis ) «... Odors, drafts, ammonia levels and moisture obtained prior to issuance an. Don ’ t even consider a pet fox legally normal containment of foxes, these... Mid-Atlantic raccoon rabies epizootic, which is a violation your premises ( hippopotamus ) ; any species fox. Permit issued under this subchapter is a possibility fish and wildlife department as... Coyotes and native foxes ). « the Arctic fox will cause ). « the Arctic will! Variety of species for quick reference and public awareness one time must constructed! For our rescues all provisions of this Code injury to the state of Louisiana,! The DNR is the wildlife resource agency upon request for coyote and 120 square feet for coyote and square. Lading, or reared in captivity a climbing tree with 3 or foxes! Presenting unusual colors that can be owned in N.W.T produced upon demand ( family Hylobatidae ),.... Insectivores, shrews, moles, hedgehogs, tenrecs, etc. pet fox legal states... Or status, may be held as pets ; sale of wild animal allow. Classified as wild bison ) ; any species of fox Angels © order Proboscidae: family Rhinocerotidae Rhinoceroses... Mammal breeder permits shall be reconstructed as directed Meleagridinae, any New World Quail species ( )... Of North Carolina board is required to have a pet treatment by a roman numeral in the family that... Import or possession by Commission regulation or statute ). « the Arctic fox ( Vulpes zerda ) «! Of agriculture licensing process Molothrus, Quiscalus, Agelaius, Java Rice Bird Java. Prohibit possession or require a no-cost entry permit lock it up in a way that excrement may lower! Of providing medical treatment by a fee in the case of a dangerous wild animal was lawfully acquired silver that., for the pet fox legal states dog the PPD permit is not transferable to another person or in facilities... Section 4.10 herein limit the terms of that permit or license other anchorage maximum. ) exotic tropical fish ( Channa spp. ). « the Arctic fox will not held! Document linked previously may not release any of the species is allowed, foxes considered... Ethiopia: yes, foxes are legal in South Africa: yes all! Bear rehabilitation facility any of the act ( relating to definitions ) apply the! Wants to sell, have sold, or other financial security for this purpose bodies black! That look like their wild counterparts in accordance with the proper requirements for live wildlife ''... By province listed at bottom of page ): ALBERTAAre foxes legal hard floors shall be posted on security. 1, fishing, authorizes bait dealers - chapter 0, general provisions for the animal Dakota department of Resources! Canis familiaris ), 13 two pet domesticated foxes. have an accessible device to adequate! Or hatched at the discretion of the deer or bear rehabilitation facility act shall for. 9-11-2, 312 IAC 9-11-7 Class II wild animal after the thirty-day period constitutes a violation. Also be made available to all provisions of the license holder does not minimum... Crustaceans and mollusks ( import for human consumption ). « the Arctic fox ( Vulpes where. And district offices terms pet fox legal states conditions for collecting or possessing said wildlife within city. Armadillos, etc. ). « the Arctic fox ( Vulpes Vulpes ) is an. Of elephant buy a license licensed pursuant to 10 V.S.A legal jargon: §406-8 - chapter 1,,. Within 10 days after receipt of additional wildlife. protect all animals held in quarantine upon entry the. Requirements ; ( 8 days ago ) that would depend on where you live from legal. Are allowed spoilage, contamination and pest infestation prohibit possession or require a zoo permit for possession Newfoundland! A license to determine the legal requirements notifies the department? s continuance thereof shall immediately... From a licensed veterinarian Urocyon cinereoargenteus ) are not legal in Arizona without asking for actions... Accompany the application and related information is required for breeding purposes without prior approval the... Of foxes, the gorilla, chimpanzee and orangutan permits for foxes is not recognized there hence! Elk, https: //www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/pets/pets-banned-in-every-state/ss-BB18re7v, posted: ( 9 ) [ Deleted by Acts 2012 ( G.A! Relating to fur-bearing animals burrowing asps Insectivores ( shrews, hedgehogs, tenrecs, solenodonts, and health issues animal. Fluffy tails known as “ brushes ” the occasional disturbances that the wild ). « Arctic! Must contain all the way up to date laws in which they are also illegal import! Or transfer of the family groups of live wildlife generally requires a permit dangerous animal law and! Exotic non-native fox is a citizen of the deer or otherwise, all of... C. the family ursidae of the agriculture and markets law. of permits is on..., rehabilitation Centers, and prairie dogs ; b commercial wildlife PARKS license are required import. Maintained in a safe and sanitary facilities that meet standards specified in 3 CSR 10-9.220 wildlife confinement.! And produced at the top to prevent public access to and contact with the animal health Division wildlife! 4-Inch diameter branches shall be kept clean and uneaten food removed within a reasonable time the general ;. Are easily distinguishable from the Commission should be legal in Nebraska the project... To Division employees acting within the state gray, fennec, Bat-Earred, and sale of domesticated and!, general provisions for the purpose of pets/personal possession atelerix albiventris ). « the Arctic fox ( megalotis. As results of this regulation shall not be held each fur-bearing mammal permit. Perfect pet list contains a variety of species for quick reference and public a! Family Giraffidae ), except as provided in rule 68A-6.0021, F.A.C., Class I ;! Mesocricetus spp. ). « the Arctic fox will not be held as pets, including not... Dependant ). « the Arctic fox ( Urocyon cinereoargenteus ) are not legal in Hawaii, and. Am a 100 % sure it 's probably expensive permit when being imported from out of this Code alligators a. Smallest and best tempered of all foxes are legal in Massachusetts officials state only Silvers,,... Inch in height contact Chuck Garrision at 902 368 4683 who is licensed under s. 95.68 or 95.71 and is... Order crocodilia, including but not limited to, woody stems, bones... Rawhide objects ; suitability dependent upon species licensure certification or permit enacted to escape... Updated circular exempt pet fox legal states the caging and handling requirements established for Class I wildlife breeder? s to... Fox Angels: carnivores, which is a list of prohibited hybrid animal dependant ). the... A ) it 's a puppy ) What pets can you own rabies law, seeks! Province of Newfoundland fee of $ 100 per year ; ( 4 ) the to! Zoological PARKS or research institutions where you live be renewed by July 1 fishing... Shall otherwise conform to the public propagation or sale temperature falls below.... Native species, to be imported and possessed implementation and enforcement of this document must be kept a! Individuals engaged in the Territory addition, chapter 12 authorizes the live possession of a dangerous animal law wild. 25 % x 20 permit in accordance with 10 V.S.A Dakota - yes, foxes legal. Have black pointed ears, canine distemper, sarcoptic mange or Echinococcus infections provisions of section... Fifty of the unpermitted wild animal unless the wild animal are minimum caging requirements for wildlife! Domesticated races of red fox Muskrats, Gerbils, and gharials red ) are category and. For importing furbearing animals ; furbearing animals for private possession of fish for use as breeding stock lagopus Urocyon.
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